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Hike to the Volcano


Volcano and Hot Lava 4U


Put on your hiking boots, hat & gloves.
We start our Volcano tour by taking a short drive to Reykjanes Peninsula. We stop where the volcano trail begins. The walk to the eruption site is strenuous. The walk will take you through a volcanic landscape that has been formed and sculpted by thousands of years of volcanic activity. The hike up to the volcano will take approx. 1.5 hours for the average traveller but for some a little longer. It also depends on the weat


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IMPORTANT TO KNOW: This activity is VERY condition dependent. The access to the volcanic site varies according to lava flows, gas pollution and weather. You should wear proper hiking boots, good outdoor clothes and rain gear. You should also bring a bottle of water.

Price: 620-$ for private tour for up to 4-person


Included in Price: Private Hiking tour & transfer for 1- 4 persons. Excluded: Packed lunch

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